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The BOSS JB-2 Angry Driver is a collaboration between Boss and JHS, combing Boss's classic Blues Driver OD and the JHS Angry Driver british like distortion in one box with multiple modes of operation. This is a very versatile dirt box capable of many tones.

Modes of opertation inlude JHS, BOSS, JHS/BOSS (this will switch between), J>B, B>J, and Parallel! Go from country twang to crunch in an instant!

The JB-2 is capable of so many sounds from sparkly to high gain.

Angry Charlie: The Angry Charlie handles all the higher gain tones you could need. Based off the legendary growl of the JCM 800, it captures these signature tones like no pedal before it.  

The controls are super familiar with a Gain, Master and Bass, Mid, Treble EQ. 

The tones are thick and rich and dripping with british style gain.  Roll it back and nail lesser know JCM 800 tones like those used by the Pixies and other late 80's alt classics.  This can find a home on any board in need of some fire breathing, versatile distortion.

Blues Driver: The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is a classic straight forward overdrive with simple controls that offers the user creamy tube amp like overdrive. Very responsive to pick dynamics and is great for any type of music.  

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