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The Boss MD-500 is a fully featured and modulation machine capable of very diverse modulations from subtle to extreme. It features 12 modes and 28 modulation types, with extremely high sound quality (96 khz sampling frequency, 32 bit processing). Every delay mode can be edited deeply and easily with the graphic display.

Two modulation effects can be used at once in either series or parallel or split a/5 at the output. The internal patch memory of 297 patches will let you save as many delay sounds as you need and is perfect for the gigging musician using multiple delay patches in a set or even per song. 

Modes include

  • Chorus—Four types: Prime, CE-1 Chorus, CE-1 Vibrato, and TRI-CHO.
  • Flanger—Two types: Prime G (for guitar) and Prime B (for bass).
  • Phaser— Three types: Prime G (for guitar), Prime B (for bass), and Script.
  • Classic Vibe—Two types: Chorus (mixed output) and Vibrato (effect-only output).
  • Vibrato—Two types: Prime and Scanner (tonewheel organ-style vibrato).
  • Tremolo—Four types: Prime T and Prime P, plus Twin and Deluxe amp-style tremolo.
  • Dimension—Models the legendary Roland SDD-320 Dimension D rack unit; includes the original four sound modes and an all-new fifth mode, plus a user setting for saving any combination of modes.
  • Ring Mod—Classic ring modulation effects, plus Intelligent mode for enhanced clarity when playing scales.
  • Rotary—Vintage rotating speaker effect with slow and fast speeds.
  • Filter—Auto wah and touch wah (with independent types optimized for guitar and bass), plus pattern filter type.
  • Slicer—Original BOSS effect derived from the popular SL-20 Slicer, with programmable options not available in the SL-20 pedal.
  • Overtone—Original BOSS effect based on the MO-2 Multi Overtone pedal; uses MDP tech to alter the input signal’s pitch and harmonic characteristics, allowing you to create unique new sound textures.


The MD-500 has stereo ins and outs and MIDI in and out as well as a port for expression. Can be run at either buffered or true bypass and can be powered with a standard AC adaptor. Current draw is 225 mA.

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