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The Boss RV-6 is a versatile Reverb emulator with new studio grade algorithms, stereo operation, expression control and 8 different modes of operation. There are also basic controls for the amount, tone, and decay of the reverb.

Modes include:

  • Spring: the sound of an old spring reverb tank
  • Plate: like large plate reverb units used in studios. Metallic reverberations with extended high frequency range
  • Room: warm reverberation of a large room
  • Hall: the clear and spacious sound of a hall
  • Modulate: adds modulation to the hall setting for a dreamier sound
  • Dynamic: playing dynamics alter the depth of the reverb
  • Shimmer: adds an octave like effect to the reverb. Turning the tone knob down mellows out the sound for more atmospheric tones
  • +Delay: adds delay to the reverb sound

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