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The Engine aims to capture the crunch of a vintage Marshall and the spank of a Rangemaster treble booster.

Drybell designed The Engine with British, non-master-volume amps in mind.

It features two independent sections designed to work perfectly with a variety of gear, regardless of your playing style.

Packed with tones, the Engine will have you covering pretty much any old-school British sound you might be after!

And, it doesn’t matter whether you’re playing in your bedroom or a packed arena, you’ll have those Classic Rock tones ready to go at any volume!

Side A is very carefully tuned to capture the sound, feel and dynamic response of a 1960’s British non-master-volume amp. 

It’s open sounding and very touch sensitive: the amount of dirt on tap is easily controlled by your pick attack.

Besides familiar controls such as Level, Gain and Tone, Drybell added a special knob called Shape. 

This unique control helps you adjust the overall character and level of the mid frequencies.

The Shape control is super helpful to fine tune your tone on any amp you might be using that night!

Side B is Drybell's take on the classic 1960s Rangemaster Treble Booster.

Rangemasters are really more about pushing the biting upper mids and tightening the low end than adding pure treble.

With the range control at full and some cut to the low EQ, you get a clonking slap around the chops that’s pure first-generation Brit rock! 

Play around with the tone controls, however, and a wide palette of boost textures reveals itself: from a full-frequency boost to various shades of Vox-like chime.

Although The Engine has these two completely separate sections, it really shines when they are working together!

Stacking these two sides can yield some incredibly rich sounds. And, with the Order switch, you can choose the stacking order of the A & B sections.

If you choose side B to go into side A, the result will be much more distortion and complex overtones.

If you choose side A to go into side B, the final result will be much more volume, sparkle and detail in your tone. 

Now that’s something you certainly can’t do with an original Dallas Rangemaster and a Marshall Super Lead!

• Designed with non-master-volume Marshall amps in mind.

• Features 2 independent sections: a Marshall-style preamp and a Rangemaster-style booster.

• Cleans up nicely with your guitar’s volume knob.

• Order switch lets you choose the stacking order of the circuits.

• High headroom ultra-low noise buffer.

• Made with high quality components. 

• Power: 9 - 18V DC.

• Current Draw: 100mA.