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The Unit67 is compact and super practical tone-shaping tool: it can be used as an EQ, as a Boost and as a 1176-style compressor.

Its EQ controls also include a unique Rangemaster-style mid control.

You know the feeling when you’re plugged into a LOUD amp and every note comes out effortlessly?

Well, that’s what the Uni67 is all about, only you don’t have to play loud to get there!

It doesn’t matter what your playing style is, how loud you want to play or whether you use any other pedals in your chain.

The Unit67 will take your tone to the next, harmonically-rich level!

The Unit67 is also very versatile in terms of pedalboard position: you can place it anywhere in your chain and let it work its magic.

Sustaining notes are often a big help for guitar players, so a Compressor was added to the Unit67.

Inspired by the unique sound and feel of the classic Urei 1176 comp, DryBell created their very own low-noise compressor circuit for the Unit67.

It's transparent and has a parallel compression circuit (blend), so you can add the right amount of sustain while retaining pick dynamics with one simple knob.

The Unit67’s EQ controls include a Low, a High and a Range knob.

The Range control will help you cut through the mix and will enrich your tone with the glorious sparkle associated with the classic Rangemaster circuit.

When playing through a dark sounding amp or guitar, the Range will add a harmonically-rich sparkle to your tone.

Combined with a touch of sustain and boosted just enough to give you THAT tone, the Range will add some serious bite to your sound!