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For classic Uni-Vibe mojo, you have to check out the DryBell V-3 Vibe Machine. With a small footprint and a huge sound, it's a great way to add some lush layers to your tone. Strike a chord and instantly be transported to the golden era of Hendrix and Gilmour.

Several months ago, Drybell wanted to find a special way to celebrate their upcoming 10 Year Anniversary and they decided to pull out their Vibe Machine breadboard. They played extensively with the complex opto-system and one specific setting sounded out of this world. They tried tons of different settings, but they kept on coming back to this particular one.

The main difference between V-3 and V-2 is in the modulation EQ. V-2 modulates just a slight part of your main tone (mid-range focused modulation), while V-3 blends in nicely with your main tone and modulates it without changing the EQ. V-3 has a wider modulation and brings you more depth to your tone

The V-3 features the same versatile custom sound options as V-2. There are 6 ‘set and forget’ side trimmers: CHORUS, GRIT, CUSTOM, SYM, RANGE and VOLUME. All these controls come with initial factory settings, but to begin playing you don’t need the manual or to adjust anything, just plug in and enjoy!

With all the classic vibe tones it's a really inspiring little pedal. It's really well constructed and with a small footprint is not going to take up to much precious pedalboard real estate!