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The Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine is very popular little contraption that needs to be heard to really understand. It’s a polyphonic (no glitching out on chords!) pitch shifting delay that will harmonize between down a 4th and up a 3rd. It can be set for more subtle detuned and chorus sounds or more extreme for ascending or descending 90’s tv dream sequence freak outs. It features expression control for the pitch knob.

The controls for the Rainbow Machine are as follows:

Pitch: tunes the harmony anywhere between down a 4th and up a third.

Primary: volume for the pitch. Goes from inaudible to louder than the clean signal

Secondary: controls volume and pitch for a second harmony. Can be up or down an octave from primary pitch

Tracking: controls delay time for the wet signal.

Magic: When the magic switch is activated it feedbacks the pitch shifted signals back into themselves, creating staircase pitch shifting or strange delay type effects. Very interactive with other controls.

Tone: takes off some treble from the wet signal


The Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine is true bypass and can be powered by a standard 9 volt DC adaptor with 2.1mm negative center barrel. Current draw is 60 mA.

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