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The Keeley Loomer is a multi mode fuzz and reverb with switchable order made to capture the sound of Kevin Shield's warped fuzzed out guitar tones. The fuzz can be switched between a flat, full, and scooped tones and has controls for level, filter, and fuzz (gain). The reverb side has controls for blend (from dry to wet), warmth, decay, and depth. Blend and warmth function the same in the three modes. The modes on the other side of the pedal are:

  • Reverse: emulation of Alesis Midiverb and Yamaha SPX type units, the decay controls how long it takes for the reverb to fade in at full volume. Depth controls the amount of input sensitive vibrato. this replicates the sound of strumming your guitar while bending notes with the tremolo arm.
  • Hall: a deep hall reverb. Depth controls the amount of the octave up effect in the signal for a shimmer tone.
  • Soft Focus: emulates the classic Yamaha FX500 patch, with reverb and two delays in parallel (one set for 250ms, the other set for 380ms.) 

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