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The Smallsound Bigsound Buzzz is a versatile and heavily modified version of the classic Univox Superfuzz. It is a fully featured fuzz capable of heavy doomy tones, exploding discordant chords, octavia ring mod leads, scooped metal riffing, gated dying battery fuzz and more. The second footswitch can be set to switch off the octave or change the EQ for more tonal variety and performance options.


Volume: output volume Gain: amount of gain, from low to HEAVY Gain toggle: changes between low and high settings for more gain range Ge/Si toggle: changes between germanium and silicon clipping stages for more different tones and textures Starve: lowers voltage for dying battery sounds and more. Turned up all of the way is full power Treble: passive low pass filter for cutting out high end Octave/EQ toggles (white triangle): These toggles change function and also work together with the second footswitch. Triangle toggle to the right, the above toggle controls the EQ and footswitch controls the octave. Triangle toggle to the left reverses control. The Smallsound Bigsound Buzzz can be powered with a standard 9 volt adaptor. Current draw is around 18ma.