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No special pickup needed, you can just plug in a normal 1/4” guitar cable into the SY-300 to start playing. Several analog style polyphonic synth sounds, as well filters, amps, and LFOs to shape your sound with no audible latency. String sounds, arpeggios, filter sweeps, bass sound and lead sounds, pads and more become available for you to control with your guitar!

Features include: Three oscillators. Wave shapes include sine, saw, triangle, square, pulse width modulation, detuned saw, and noise. Each oscillator has six voices for polyphony.

A number of effects including touch was, compressor, limiter, od/ds, eq, slow gear, delay, chorus, reverb, phaser, flanger, tremolo, rotary, uni-v, pan, slicer, isolator, lof-fi, delay+reverb, chorus+delay, chorus+reverb. Four can be used at once.

LFOs for modulating parameters. a 16 step sequencer for each oscillator for making melodies and arpeggios. 99 spots for user presets. 70 for factory presets. 24 bit digital to analog conversion.

MIDI in and out/thru

Built in USB audio interface for recording. Blender mode for randomizing parameters to make interesting and new synth sounds. Includes power supply.

The Boss SY-300 will change the way you play and can help add new textures and synth sounds to your compositions and recordings.

Unit is in very good condition and includes power supply.