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This rare pedal is in perfect shape and includes orginal box and all the extras that came with the original!

Seven of Brian May's signature tones, with input from Eddie Kramer
Working closely with Brian May and under the watchful eye of legendary recording engineer and producer Eddie Kramer, DigiTech is recreating seven of Brian's classic, signature tones by applying its proprietary technology called Production Modeling. The Brian May Artist Series Pedal furthers DigiTech's philosophy of developing products designed to supply guitarists with the best sounding, most creative tools possible.

Brian May Red Special Tones Include:
  • 1. Keep Yourself Alive
    • Intro with modeled tape flange
    • Solo with tape flange
  • 2. Bohemian Rhapsody - The timeless rock anthem truly comes to life thanks to DigiTech Production Modeling.
    • 1st solo with vocal-like sustain achieved with out-of-phase Red Special guitar neck and middle pickups
    • Heavy Rock Rhythm and Finale Orchestral Fanfare with "Deacy" amp
  • 3. Tie Your Mother Down
    • Intro with Brian's "main" tone with volume backed off to 3/4 using bridge and middle pickups
    • Solo tone using the bridge and middle pickups and the volume full up. Just add a bottle slide for the perfect finishing touch to this great tone.
  • 4. We Will Rock You/Champions - The classic rally anthem for the people!
    • Fiery rhythm and lead tones using neck and middle out-of-phase and in-phase into the treble booster, Foxx Foot Phaser, and AC30.
  • 5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    • Stunning acoustic intro modeled from an Ovation 6-string.
    • Solo - a rare instance where Brian used a Fender Telecaster and a mid-' 60s guitar amp for a more rockabilly sound.
  • 6. Brighton Rock Solo - Live
    • Brian's main live solo tone with tight chorus and delay. Bridge and middle pickups in phase, treble booster and three AC30 amps.
    • Alternative main live tone with Orchestral Harmonizer in 3-part pitch-shifting.
  • 7. Deacy Tone/A Winter's Tale
    • Clean Red Special Guitar tone, treble booster, Deacy.
    • Same clean tone with delay and reverb added as a post effect.

DigiTech's Production Modeling technology creates ultra-realistic emulations
DigiTech employed their Production Modeling technology to ensure absolute accuracy in duplicating Brian's tone. Now guitarists can either use Brian's seven presets to recreate his classic tone, or just use them as a starting point to create their own sound. The Brian May Artist Series Pedal is a very powerful and flexible tone-shaping tool that will rock the world!

Reproduces both studio and live sounds, complete with effects
The Brian May Artist Series Pedal reproduces the studio and live guitar sounds, including effects and processing, of Brian May. This includes modeling the speaker cabinets, microphones and microphone placements, pre and post effects, and the recording engineer's production magic. Every aspect of the signal chain has been considered and recreated, resulting in completely accurate models of Brian's tones.

DigiTech Brian May Artist Series Pedal Features:
  • Seven of Brian May's signature tones in one pedal
  • Meticulous recreations of classic sounds using Production Modeling technology
  • Production overseen by Brian May and studio legend Eddie Kramer
  • Reproduces both studio and live sounds
  • Production Modeling technology emulates amp tone, effects, and studio processing

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