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The Wampler Paisley Drive Deluxe is the signature overdrive of Brad Paisley, the deluxe version adds an additional channel and routing options!

Channel one is the rare and long discontinued Wampler Underdog Overdrive, it features a three band EQ and a gain boost via the fat switch.

Channel two is the classic Paisley Drive! It's a highly versatile overdrive that can be set to be very transparent or have a midrange bump without losing any bottom end. It cleans up well with your picking dynamics and volume control. Tone shaping is made easy with controls for volume, gain, and tone and switches for presence and mid contour.

Each channel has its own input and output jacks so they can be run as individual pedals in different places in a chain, or you can set the order between the two internally via the order switch.

The Wampler Paisley Drive is true bypass and can be powered by a standard 9 volt DC adaptor with 2.1mm negative center barrel. Current draw is 9 mA.

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