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The Wampler Tumnus is based on a certain overdrive pedal that is large, gold, and valuable that is sought after for it’s transparent tone and they did a good job capturing the tone of that original Centaur. Whether you use it to push your amp or as an overdrive or treble boost, the Tumnus will give you the sound that will satisfy your want for a great transparent overdrive.

Added to the Deluxe are the additional EQ parameters, a normal/hot switch for more gain, and a switchable buffer.

Five controls for level, gain, treble, bass, and mids. make this pedal very easy to use and it’s very small size make it easy to fit on any pedalboard. The Wampler Tumnus features a buffered bypass (just like the original Centaur!) and can be powered with a standard 9 volt ac adaptor. Current draw is 20 mA.

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