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The Xotic BB-preamp COMP is a modified BB-preamp with an added toggle switch for compression that goes from standard compression (stock BB), more (Andy Timmons BB-AT), and no compression. The BB-preamp is Xotic’s heaviest overdrive/distortion. It can go from clean to a smooth, compressed, hi gain overdrive, capable of replicating British tube amp tone. Up to 30 db clean boost available, a two band active EQ, compression toggle, and separate Gain control help you shape the tone you need! Whether you’re using it as a straight up clean boost or to add a little grit to your sound, the BB-preamp will keep you satisfied with your tone and it’s rugged case is built for the road and stage. The Xotic BB-preamp COMP features true bypass switching and can be powered with a regular 9 volt ac adaptor. Current draw is 10 mA.

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