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The Xotic SL Drive Chrome is a limited edition version (only 3000 made!) of the SL Drive. Includes the Xotic Voltage Doubler. The SL Drive is an overdrive that captures the sound of vintage Marshall Plexi amps. Three simples controls for volume, tone, and gain plus internal DIP switches to change the general tone of the pedal. 1 and 2 for high/mid frequency controls, 3 for high/mid cut, 4 for 6db boost. Can get you super lead (brighter tone and more gain) and super bass (more low end, less highs) and a mixture between. The tiny enclosure is sure to fit on any board and the rugged case will withstand many stomps and will last many gigs into the future. If you want Plexi sound in a small and powerful package the Xotic SL Drive is for you. The Xotic SL Drive features true bypass switching and can be powered with a regular 9 volt ac adaptor. Current draw is 5 mA.

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